Be careful to whom you give your heart

A person who loves you truly will never let you go whatever the situation is. Of course, that is true love. But here I’m telling you to love a person is so easy. but the hard part of the relationship is finding a suitable person for you and stay in love in any situation. be careful to give your heart to someone you love. because once you give, you are not only giving that person the right to love you back but also the power to hurt you… So it’s your responsibility to choose and give your heart.


The long-term success of any relationship depends upon sharing mutual interests and having compatible priorities. Having complementary approaches to work, family life and friends is important too. A love relationship is like the sea. Sometimes the sailing is smooth and other times it’s rough and stormy. So it’s your duty to handle your relationship at any time.


Just because a couple looks good together or seems to enjoy one another’s company (perhaps on stage during a major tour) does not mean that they are on the same page behind closed doors. If one person values their work more than the relationship, or one person wants to start a family and the other does not, you are headed for a rocky road. Once you’re in a committed relationship it’s best to discuss these things early on so you can get on the same page and make sure you have shared values.



One thought on “Be careful to whom you give your heart

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