Top 5 richest people in the world 2014

Most of us wondering who are the wealthiest people in the world 2014. Every year lots of people want to know about richest people in the world and last year 2014 undoubtedly Microsoft biggie Bill Gates win the race with the net worth of nearly $80 billion. My favorite American business magnate Warren Buffett dwell second place with the net worth of nearly $72 billion. In this article, I’m going to bring down top 5 richest people in the world 2014. As you all know, dwell a place inside top 5 is not a simple target. In fact, these 5 guys put their whole effort and energy which bring them t this position. Alright here are they…

top 5 richest people in the world 2014

5 – Larry Ellison

This American 70 years old guy is in the fifth position at the moment with the net worth of $54.6 billion. Oracle is the source he earned money and keep his position in number 5. But in September 2014 he announced plans to step down as Oracle’s CEO which shocked the business world. Larry Ellison founded Oracle in 1977.

4 – Amancio Ortega

This 78 years old Spanish biggie in the 4th position with the net worth of $59.3 billion. Retail and self-made are the source of his wealth. Ortega is the world richest retailer and he added $7 billion to his fortune this past year.

3 – Carlos Slim Helu & Family

The 74 years old Mexican Carlos Slim dwell third place of the world’s richest people 2014 with the net worth of $70.4 billion. Telecom and Self made are the main source of his income. If you’re making a phone call nearly anywhere in Latin America, chances are good that you’re using a network controlled by Mexico’s Carlos Slim

2 – Warren Buffett

The 84 years old American big magnet Warren Buffett is the second richest person in the world 2014 with the net worth of $72.2 billion. Berkshire Hathaway and self-made are the sources of his income. This guy is really awesome and motivates lots of youngster with his best quotes. Saving money is his big advantage to save his second position. Personally, I recommend you to follow his best quotes which in the following link.. Warren Buffett Quotes on Life.

1 – Bill Gates

The none other than 59 years old Microsoft biggie Bill gates Keep his number one position with net worth of $80.7 billion. Microsoft and self-made are his main source of income. This America’s richest man, Bill Gates, is using his billions to effect major social change around the globe. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given away $30 billion since 2000.

So, these are the top 5 richest people in the world 2014. Among these 5 personally, I inspired a lot in Warren Buffett. Because his lifestyle and the way he comes to this position is awesome. I read an article about Warren Buffett which completely change my life and I would like to share that article with you guys. Here is the LINK. Try to go through that link.. You may like it.